Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mother nature is not playing by the calendar

Today I declared,  "Enough is beyond enough."  Spring must be allowed to catch up to the calendar, so I hung the spring forsythia wreath and anticipate passing of this  Marchlong winter.  Such a bizarre hold onto the wintry weather, return to the ice age, and fie to the ice and snow.  We have melt in progress but the last couple days frigid single digit temperatures in the early morning reaching perhaps the high 20 degrees by noon, then repeating the frigid records the next morning.  But at last it is  warming,  36 and 38 degrees and we are good to go walk outside, bundled but nevertheless in fresh air.  But wait, more on the way this week. Maybe the weather will not pay attention to the predictions.

I have good news too about my boob recall, all is well.  Yesterday with more intense diagnostic xrays and a sonogram, the radiologist admitted there was nothing there, but normal breast tissue. However he wants me to  return in 6 months for another sonogram so he is absolutely sure.  I could not see what he thought he detected on the screening until he ultra magnified.  I asked if it could have been calcification to which he responded no nor a cyst.   I think of Carol, Linda and Joan and Karen, friends in CA  who all lost their fights with breast cancer years ago, Carol especially dying a very long drawn out death, and others quickly taken, along with a  friend in PA  who is a survivor today.  So I am blessed to have this care from Mayo.  To my joking repartee that he had given me a headache for nothing, Dr Uy  replied that "I have a perfect record of diagnosing, I have not ever missed anything and I am not going to start with you."   The nurses warned that he is a perfectionist and has been known to stand looking over the shoulder of the technician doing the sonogram or taking over the xray machine to get photos.  Attention to detail, that's the right stuff.

Yesterday afternoon and this morning on my walks around the 'hood I took some ice, snow and melt photos.
Down the corner to south 14th, roads clear snow aside

Under all that whiteness is the track where I like to walk,
not possible this month
The shadow from the pine allows the melting to become treacherous
glassy ice.  One must walk carefully, like a bear over these patches 
Melt, ice, white prevail down the street at the hockey rink and ball fields
The shadow of the branch resembles an irritated person, weary of winter,
hair on end, arms extended, snapping at the grass under ice,
"be gone with you white and glassy hazard. Let the green emerge!"
This lamppost through the barren branches will not be
visible once the leaves come with spring.  It is
spring so says the calendar, Mama Nature,
pay attention.,


  1. Your photos show the cold beauty of snow, and that is good health news you received.

  2. Gee I sure know what you mean, and I declared that myself about 2 weeks ago and still we had blizzard after snow storm after high winds- schools closed, my street shut down due to horrible icy and snow filled roads! Enough we beg! Winter go away!

  3. Pat, glad to read that your health follow-up produced no bad news. recent news reports have indicated many false readings from mammograms and even some unnecessary surgeries. No snow here, just lots more rain and chilly temps.

  4. Email from Tom: No boasting intended but we have the doors open with a nice 68+ degree breeze wafting through the place. You can get back at me this summer when it is 110 in the shade and even the squirrels are carrying canteens.