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Friday, August 12, 2011

Like a hole in the head

"You need that like a hole in the head" is what  Mom and Aunt Jinx would tell me when I set  my brown eyes on something they felt unnecessary, it was their way of saying "no"; I'd not thought about that until yesterday when I snapped photos of our new to us, antique side tables that we acquired at Kensington Court in PA.  Jerry spotted these two side tables while we were browsing; yes they are quite nice but did we need them, well like a hole in the head, right, Mom.  Does anybody say that anymore?  And what does that mean, absolutely not....think of it, who wants a hole in their head? But then, holes for mouth and ears are a good thing.

The price was more than right, at $60 for both side tables, unbelievable. On the bottom is the marking Weiman Heirloom Quality Tables which I've googled and find they are likely from the  1930"s maybe the 1940"s and can  go for much higher prices.  So the tables journeyed from PA to MN and their new home. 

The photo preceding is of just one corner in Kensington Court;  there is a massive array of any and everything to be found.  I"d heard about Kensington Court on Barnes St. in New Ken and in July we stopped in after the People's Library book sale.   I sure hope those guys make it because they have a wonderful array of antiques from many vendors all displaying quality items. 

Different font here as the Arial doesn't quite work.   Their website   In addition to antiques one vendor had a armoire filled with high quality name brand purses; that's where I acquired my new to me Dooney Bourke bag, something else I needed another purse like a hole in the head but at $25 who could resist?  Even if it is a knock off and I don't think so, it is a high quality replica that has fooled me. 

Whilst buying these tables, I said, "we are here to have my uncle's home cleared and arrange the estate sale.  I am selling stuff, why am I buying stuff?"  The pair are each  20 1/2 inches across the widest part of the scalloped top, the shelf is 15 inches off the  ground and the full height is 25 1/2".  I speculated that if they had been attached as one it would have been perfect for the flat screen TV which is in the living room, to my ever annoyance.  We were not thinking too far ahead when we moved here; no one watches TV in the formal living room, it is a place to visit.  But to move the primary hook ups for Cable to the entire house would be an expense that we need, well like a hole in the head.  And here  cable is  a necessity else there is no TV reception, blocked by those Mississippi River Bluffs.  We have a small table that holds the TV, Bose, and accouterments; it's something we acquired to make do.  So far we cannot find a replacement and it does get on my nerves.  I would really prefer not to have this in the living room and Jerry keeps assuring me that when we find the right table/armoire or something that can be re-engineered it will be OK.  Well, that does give us a reason to look at antique malls, estate sales.

Jerrys table
This one is Jerry"s because it is beside his chair and it is the one that had a  custom beveled  protective glass top.  I am familiar with glass tops,  my family always had glass protecting the better tables,. etc.  We will get another made for my table once we settle down from PA trips...Underneath the glass is an exquisite doily that my grandmother made; I was surprised when Jerry asked for one of my "lacies" or frou-frous as he calls them.  He said it would keep the glass in place and must be  very fine; he approved immediately of this selection.

This shows the marvelous gold leaf and the inlay scallops.  Such fine craftsmanship; this is why we prefer seasoned furniture to the new mass produced of today.  This is my table, without the glass and you may be able to see some of the slight crazing, which is to be expected  of vintage.   Well the tables did  need some very serious cleaning which involved the use of Black Wax, and lots of  elbow grease, which is superb for restoring finishes.  If these tables could talk, what tales they might share of events and gatherings they have seen.  I can see a gentleman with his brandy snifter and cigar sitting.  The shelf on my table took an extra dose of cleaning, calling for Murphy's Oil Soap; there was a gritty residue.  But now it is in fine shape. 

I wanted to call attention to the leg, with the bronze  metal finish and the tiny caster roller wheel that is sunk into the carpet. It is engraved resembling a tiny paw above the wheel,  which does not show in the photo.   This type of finish was our  first hint about the age of these vintage twins.  How long has it been since such finishing was done?

You can see one of the minor  dings on the leg, but again, at their age, these tables are entitled to show a bit of wear. 

My only complaint is that they are about  two inches too tall; Jerry teased that he could shorten them but they would never be the same.  I am sure.

Blogger is being difficult in posting photos, so I will conclude the post and go on to other tasks...there has been so little time to write these last two weeks.  I can't expect it will be much different for a time now.  Another trip to PA begins on Sunday.  Well, we can stop in at Kensington Court again.