Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting the green; today we all share the Irish

I have not a drop of Irish blood, but  do celebrate St. Patty's day.  When I first heard of this day as a child, I figured it was for me, anything Patty related was mine and no one told me any differently. One of  our traditions is an annual feast of corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, carrots and onions, horseradish with some green added and all washed with Guinness.  This traditionally Irish meal is not so well known in Ireland.  An Irish coffee might appear too especially if the day is dreary.  Green tea at the end of the day.  I dress in as much green as I can without looking like  a clump of cabbage and rather like the idea of the rainbow, with the pot of gold, so I don bling and some gold too.. oh and this year I have green fingernails with glitter,  fun for the few days. . 

Corned beef is such an easy meal to make that when it goes on sale, generally the day after St Pat's Day, I purchase a few briskets for the freezer and we enjoy  a repeat meal another time.  What can be easier than  tossing it into a pot with spices, usually provided with the brisket, I add more dill and bay leaf, and some tiny boiling onions, water, a  can of beer and letting it boil and simmer for hours and hours.  Later on, add the potatoes, carrots and last the cabbage which I prefer merely steamed a bit; Jerry wants his more cooked.  

Here is a new to me recipe that appeared in today's La Crosse Tribune.  If we have enough left overs this could be a follow up meal tomorrow,  Panini Reubens non traditional with cabbage and  sans thousand island dressing which I do not like anyway.

Green jadeite rooster
 This year I tried to decorate for the day, we  were just home from snow birding and I was removing the last of the burgundy and gold decor from Christmas, so looked for my green; there was not much but a trip to Hobby Lobby and Michael's and I was in business.  I have one new piece of green from a recent expedition to the Lacrosse Center Flea and Antique show, this dandy rooster, bringing my rooster collection to a grand trio.  I found him unusual and while I am really trying to avoid trinkets I could justify purchasing him for only $5, the vendor was desperate for a sale as he had been $25.  Not a chip nor a crack, so he gets center table stage this year.  He perches proud amidst some Kelly green small vases that I have collected from family over the years.  Some small foil derby hats atop the vases and the green was on.  These were my Aunt Marge's vases, she loved "showy" so I know she would approve of the glittery hats.

Green vase with new green bowler

In addition to the small tinsel tree I leave up year round in the downstairs TV room corner, with all intentions of decorating it year round, I am adorning my antique post washer, described best as a metal plunger on a broomstick, which belonged to my grandmother Rose and perhaps her step mother before that. It reminds me how difficult housework used to be in her day and how I should not find it that difficult to run an electric vacuum and apply the microfibers to what little dust I get in this house. Over Christmas I moved the plunger to the foot of the stairs and adorned it in red, and set an angel atop with teddy bears at its base. For St Patty's decor I found some green and gold tinsel for the broomstick, attached an Irish angel and pulled out Tweety for the base with the angel. A sight of memories at the foot of the stairs, today it is  Pat's shillelagh.

Antique washer wearing
the green.


  1. EMAIL from TOM: About as far as we've gone for the day is we are both wearing green sweat suits. We will have the traditional corned beef and fried bacon with a dash of cabbage. I like mine better; fried cabbage with some chopped bacon for flavor. But, since she is the kitchen drudge, I eat what she prepares and don't complain. Have a great day. "La Fhaille Patradg Shonda le Feldir lan-athas agus sonas."

  2. EMAIL FROM SANDY: sandyOh, Miss Pat, what a laugh!!!!Geez, I wonder if we sent you a world of lemons, what we'would look like after you made Miss Pats New World Lemonade! Thank God for Grandma Rose, Jinx and Karl. Talk about taking a village to raise a family, look at what they managed to create when given a Pat!!!!! God love ya"!!


  3. We also celebrated with a corned beef, cabbage and potato dinner and you are so right about it being so easy, even more so when Grenville (Pat) is preparing it. He is the Irish one in this family as my descent is all Italian on both sides of the family. We invited a couple of dear friends over and also had green ice cream and freshly baked brownies. It was a dreary and rainy day outside, but warm and cheerful when shared with friends.