Friday, January 11, 2013

On the road avoiding Gandolfo

It has become foggy along the interstate 90/94 , splotchy in parts, but we are onward, southward avoiding the more wintry blasts of Gandolf  set to arrive over the weekend, the mixture of letters  from that winter's storm name rearranged becomes fog land which has arrived  across Minnesotta. 

Our weather channel shows it is to be 60 degrees in Springfield, and that sounds perfectly wonderful.  I am nervous about traveling in fog, so as we approach Madison it clears.  Still it cannot  match that terrible tule fog in which we lived in California, the grey dim dankness that hung around for weeks, chilling the mind and bones.  I am partial to sunshine, the brightness, the balmy warmth.  We have enjoyed a nice winter so far with temps upwards near 50 degrees, sunny and no need for heavy parkas. 

Blog postings for the next month will be very periodic as we journey.  Exploring possible purchase of real estate for winter, a place or pad to dock the motor coach in late fall, fly home and then fly back for the winter is under consideration.  This goes against our primary inclination which is to not remain in one place whilst on the road.  We  like motor home traveling, after one area loses its allure, we can move on to the next.  There is so much to be seen in the country, why stay put until one has to do so confined by illness, age, or host of other debilitations such as financials.

We have found that traveling in our coach is economical, despite the cost of diesel fuel.  We are comfortable in our own bed too.  So off on this wintry journey,  southward.  Time to add miles to the Excursion in 2013.


  1. chilling the mind and bones -- oh, but your words are perfect. We've been on a roller coaster of balmy days and bone chilling days here in Northern Virginia. When we drove to New Orleans for the holidays, Tennessee was warmer than Mississippi. I missed the splash of snow we had in Gatlinburg last year. Regardless, I so understand why you remain in one place then want to move on. I've never quite figured out what triggers that sudden feeling, but, out of nowhere that boredom bug scratches. It's just time to move on. Hope your journey is a great one!

  2. Pat, even though your posts may be sporadic they will be enjoyed when available. Hope you and Jerry have safe travels and lots of new adventures on this first 2013 road trip.