Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crab painting and chocolates

Bay Hideaway RV  Our Winter stop
Bay St Louis, MS
Surprised with some heavy rains today,but we are all safe and sound here while we watch the tornado devastating Georgia, bad KY storms and the nasty ice farther north.  Yesterday evening  9 of us gals went to Picayune, MS to April's gallery for a session of painting.  April is an old high school pal of Michele's, the owner of Hideaway.  It was a fun time and something I so enjoy but never make time to do at home.  Several told me that Joanie,  another MN snowbird who is undergoing  her continuing chemo while here,  is an artist.  She and I shared a table and not to brag but I did not think she was any better at this task than myself; I would have preferred doing a seascape, shells, or???  but April, our host and instructor for the evening had determined that we would be crab painting and so it was.  She is quite patient and was a delightful instructor.  While doing this I learned a  bit about the crab and it's 5 appendages, what resembles our hand with the knuckles, and how it crawls and withdraws. 
My Crabby masterpiece
 I will use this as a conversation piece,  what do you think that is hosts in the bottom right corner?  In my opinion it is not what April said it is, the technique to construct that was not what I'd have done if I'd know she wanted that painted.  On neither hers nor anyone's completed paintings did that stuff in the lower right look like what it was supposed to be.  So there's my question for you, what's it? 

Well as if the painting class was not enough, the gallery includes chocolates by April for sale.  You can imagine that 9 women are not leaving without buying some chocolates.  I indulged in  several turtles, as the following photos show, the largest I have ever found anywhere.  The ruler is to give you an idea, this is not photo shopped.  Her dark chocolate turtles, she calls gators, and used that theme a top.They are over two inches wide and nearly one inch deep.  Jerry and I split one when I got back home to the coach, and even at that we only ate half of it between us.  Ummmmm.  Such a tough life we enjoy on this trip.
Aprils turtles and gators

Turtle, we shared half last night and have half for tonight
Rain has stopped and we must go get a local newspaper and see what's happening.  Due to  the downpour I did not get my laps in this AM, but later the sun is coming out and I will catch up. Tonight another Wednesday bingo for RV'ers occurs; my food prize donations were a hit last week so off to WallyWorld for  the same contributions--nuts, cookies and candy. 


  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. The turtle candy looks wonderful.

  2. FROM another friend who has no URL and does only email. Pat, Such a tough life! I just don't know how you and Jerry handle it. As for the "artist" companion, anyone can be an artist. All you have to do is announce that you are and "poof" there you are. Whether or not your stuff sells might have something to do with whether or not you are a SUCCESSFUL artist. My ex and two of the girls lay claim to that title but only one of the three ever had any real success in marketing her efforts. Tom

  3. Pat, glad you are enjoying yourself and those chocolates look wonderful. Admittedly we would have not shared one but each wanted our own as we are chocoholics. Your painting is very colorful and should make a great conversation piece. It looks like grapes in the bottom right corner, at least to me. Hope you don't get caught in any storms. We have gusting winds tonight with possible downpours coming too.

  4. oh chocolate! I have been to Picayune! Hoping this fall we can venture to MS, need some gulf coast shrimp and maybe some chocolate ;)

  5. Pat, I think your painting is wonderful. I'm impressed. Those look like grapes, are they? What fun chocolates. Sounds like the snow birds are enjoying their time in the South. laurie

  6. FROM SANDY email Lower corner, grapes, roe or a cheese?????????

  7. so far grapes lead the guesses, Jerry thought Onions. Interesting, but so far not what it is supposed to be, some here guessed clam shells, oysters, stones....I think our instructor was out there on this one...wonder if anyone will hit it right.