Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Pilgrim children and pumpkins
on an end table in living room
I just have my orange decor on display and after tomorrow, Thanksgiving day, it will be time to put it away for another year.  Already the next holiday harbinger of red and green is showing around town as it has been in the stores before Halloween.  Thanksgiving has been an orange holiday for us hearkening back to  our lives in Newcastle, CA where we had a mandarin orange orchard and which meant the beginning of  orange harvest. 

The Sunday local newspaper featured Thanksgiving for empty nesters like us and showed how easy this holiday centering on  food can be.  Unlike so many years in CA when we hosted large gatherings and I cooked for a week after getting home from a long day at work in the bureaucracy, today it is just us two. When I am nostalgic for those gathering times, quickly Jerry reminds me how much work it was because none of the inlaws who descended lifted a hand or finger to help out.  It was all on me and some years I really resented all that work but still I would persist, and everyone enjoyed themselves.Once in awhile the sister in laws might load the dishwasher.  But setting the table, rearranging furniture to accommodate the crowd, and more including a housefull of overnight  and week long guests was on us.  I looked but  found no photographs of those times, long before digital cameras and we were both too busy to think of taking photos as well as we were not thinking ahead to when those days would be no more except in our memories, like the song, "those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end,....." 

 I am content without all the work for the fuss and nowhere as exhausted at days end after feast preparation, yet today we have more room to gather a crowd and the time to do so, but  we are all over the country and like Steve many are gone from this earth.  We have tried  eating out  on this day and neither of us like that, the crowds are great and despite reservations restaurants cannot control how long diners will linger, so there is always a wait.  No, besides we enjoy left overs the next day and turkey sandwiches and well, the aromas of that good stuff baking in the ovens.  This year I have downsized no turkey with carcass instead a simpler turkey breast for us two accompanied by all the trimmings,mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli casserole,  stuffing for me (Jerry does not eat it), cranberry for me (another delicacy of which he will sample a spoonful and then pass), pecan pie following dinner for him (a bite or two is all I want of that) and a relaxing day with time for a predinner walk to prepare for the consumption of calories. 

Tom turkey and pumpkin Patty
So now I photograph so many things, like the autumn decor in the house, my orange.  To the left is Tom, a turkey fellow  Aunt Jinx bought and dressed for Uncle Carl along with a wooden pumpkin that I painted and sent to him.  He  referred to these as in the caption and when I found them at his home, I had to keep them.  Tom has traveled in the motor home sometimes too when we were not sure how long we'd be gone.   After their spouses were gone they both dined on Thanksgiving dinner at her home and Uncle Carl would drive "out to the country" to get a fresh turkey from Pounds turkey farm.  When we first moved  we went back to PA to have Thanksgiving dinner with them.  Somewhere I do have those photos. 

I  close with something I found in an old Ideals magazine while looking for an appropriate Thanksgiving ode.  This is  Ben Franklin and his satire.  When humor and satire are gone, then so is the fun of life. We cannot take  everything so seriously or we are done for.  You may have to click on the copies to enlarge and read them.  And to all a joyous feast wherever life winds you, this  Thanksgiving.  May you celebrate with gratitude.     


  1. Nice decor. It appears that we will be going to Carol's son's place for Thanksgiving. That is the time when my tribe usually has our biggest annual reunion. Of course we will miss that this year but the eldest daughter is putting that reunion together. But, we have beenttknown to have summer BBQ's, camping trips and to create other excuses to associate with each other.

    For me, the best part of Thanksgiving dinner has always been the informal grazing through the leftovers following the more formal dinner. I think this is an ideal time to inform the younger generations re the history of this holiday and the true meaning and purpose for it. A true American holiday that goes back to the pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation, long before we were an independent nation.


  2. Tom Turkey is adorable! A great big Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family too!

  3. It's nice to be back among blogger friends. This isn't your most recent post but it caught my eye and it's wonderful. Love Tom turkey and pumpkin Patty!!

    Like you I am now glad large family dinners where you're exhausted are a thing of the past. Jen and I went to youngest daughter's and I didn't have to bring anything except Jen, which is more than enough at my age.

  4. It seems that many of us remember the large family gatherings where some members (usually those hosting) did much of the work - before, during and after the meal. We travelled to RI to see the grandkids and shared dinner at the home of Pat's cousin in Groton, CT. Most of Pat's famioy is in New England, which is another reason we want to relocate to NH. My family doesn't socialize for celebrations (or any other times).
    Your orange fall decorations, turkey and pumpkin, were cheerful and colorful; mine were confined to outdoor flags. Thanks for the Ben Franklin piece, the man did make some good points!