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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Walk with me

Red Knock out roses  adjacent to  salvia in the front rose garden
This time of year, I love to be outdoors and keeping up with our landscape & floral gardens give me ample opportunity.  I have been fighting some aches and an annoying flare up of that  right Achilles tendon, but when I say fighting, you know me, I will not take this sitting down.  So rather than Curves workouts, which I am about to give up because I cannot get in there at the time I'd  prefer and because it is so beautiful around here,  I have been walking in the mornings.  The high school is about 1/4 +mile from our home and there is a wonderful quarter mile track around the football field that makes it easy to monitor the distance, so on mornings when I don"t feel like venturing uptown and farther around the neighborhoods, I head to the track.  Sometimes I bike to the school and lap it on wheels and then head to the track.    Because I have had so little time to blog, I took some photos the other morning to show you where we live and so today, walk with me as I log another  mile and half before patrolling my landscape.  It really is beautiful here in our corner of the country. 

I love the AM shadows from all the trees. 
Down our driveway to Cedar toward south 14th
New neighbors  will be next door, Maders daughter.
Dianne and her hubby who are also Morrison's will
be the new residents.  This is good, they are about our age,
empty nesters but it will confuse the post office to have
Morrisons two in a row.

It doesn't take long to reach So. 14th.  There is our local Community
Center, aka Hockey rink and fields to the left

Turn right and we are on South 14th
We  cross to the sidewalks on South 14th and go along

Wild flowers anyone?  A sweet scent wafts up.

Approaching  our destination, the track

On the right is our local La Crescent High school, back side

Now we are closer and ready to cross the street

Right across the street and past the fence, the track awaits

Enter and begin the serious swifter walking  This is a gorgeous
rubber based track and I have it all to myself

Some hurdles left over this we go

Almost to the first curve, looking back toward So. 14th
 from whence we came

Second curve going down the back stretch looking toward stands

Lap 1 done,  to the right off track are more sport fields and hills

Lap two we can go faster now
We have warmed up

After four laps and we head back down south 14th

Along the way home, this grass caught my eye
The phone pole appears to have an eye on me

Yellow mallow with salvia has me singing Mellow Yellow
Such are the entertaining thoughts that can enter on a
pretty sunny quiet  morning.  It's a good and bad thing I don"t walk with
earphones or any attachment.  I can be content with my own thoughts

Approaching Cedar to the right, Hockey Rink to the left
Still quiet on the roads and all is well

Home again home know the rest.  Inside a K-cuppa will  be
good, hazlenut this morning I think

We still wave old Glory