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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wishing happy mothers day has problems.

This is a first,  I have never before shared my Facebook posts  on this blog, because I get so much more feedback on FB from friends.  However, today is wistful and here is my  brief:

  From a friend's page with my story. It's why we should give away smiles, they cost nothing & can make someone's day. I always try to say something cheerful to cashiers, salesclerks, etc. They earn their money dealing with people. You just never know.  
.This is so true, today's evidence---each Sunday I pick up a Sunday Pioneer Press, MN newspaper at the local gas & foods place & I get to know the cashiers. We always converse weekly about our day, the week we had or? Today the young man who's been there about 6months, about whom I know some things such as he would love to have a motor home & travel like we do, he's had some health issues the past year, including when he was gone a couple weeks, hospitalized with kidney stones. This morning he greeted me with, "is it safe to wish you a good mother's day." I replied, "sure, thanks but why do you ask?" He said, "Well one customer just yelled at me because she is not a mother." Me, "aww, that's too bad. Maybe she was having a bad day." He,"She usually is grumpy, not like you." Me laughing,"Well you must get all kinds in here." He, "yes, but there is something in your eyes, can I ask if everything is ok." Me, "oh it's nothing, this day is bittersweet for me, my mother died 12 years ago, my only son died almost 8 years ago, I never liked the commercial Hallmark card aspect of this holiday. That's about it." He, "oh I'm sorry, should have known." Me, "how could you know, & please do not worry about that." He, "your eyes, there is something deep there, I should know. I lost my children, my son too several years ago, and my daughter 7 years ago. It's always in the eyes." Me thru tears,, "shoots, now I'm going to puddle up my face" he reached over, grabbed my hand & said, "you have a real good day, now I know another reason I like you." I told him I was sorry about his family and said,"It never gets easy, but at least the jagged edges scab over & it doesn’t hurt so much all the time. You have a blessed day now."
Most people not only do not know the trials of the person near them, I say that many people here where I live don't know much about anyone unless they have known them all their lives, common around these parts.  Even when they do know they ignore, so different from living in CA.  Maybe because there we were from everywhere maybe because here they have been only here all there lives.  Don't they realize how that fells?  Guess not.  They don't ask, do they think that is  being polite or do they just not give a fig?  I admit it is why I find  people here cold, not open.The neighbor on one side of me waves, is cordial if I see her outside, yet I have never been invited into her home.  This is very strange to me.  Whatever, they are enclosed with themselves.  Maybe it is left for souls like me to  make head roads.  Yes more and more I appreciate that I outreach to others.    

I copied my post here from FB because I wanted to remember this. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Most Wonderful Time of the Year ? Really

I love that song, especially when sung by Andy Williams, but I the last two days make me realize something is not jiving with the lyrics. Yesterday in the grocery store in La Crosse, I encountered one of the rudest fools I've ever encountered, and you know being from crowded CA land of the fruit and nuts I have met many!

I was in the checkout lane and the bagger was bagging my groceries into my own bags which I take dutifully in so as to not overuse the plastic ones. I was entering my pin into the machine for the ATM card to pay for my groceries when, WHOP, the man behind me whacked me with his cart. I looked at him thinking it was probably an accident and surely he would apologize. He did not. I began to continue to enter my pin and WHOP again. Same man, same cart, same side of me! This is annoying!

Well, with this I turn at him and say in my most annoyed tone, “What is wrong with you!” To which he replies, “Can’t you move up, I’m in a hurry!” I glare and say, “Everyone is but I have nowhere to go! The girl is loading my groceries into my cart which is in front of me.” “Oh, he says, I didn’t see her!” I’m really annoyed beyond now, so I glare at him again. And he continues, “We have to get out children!” He and his wife are somewhere in their 20’s I gauge and now he is almost hyperventilating. I think to myself, but I was restrained by my powers proof once again that there is a Higher Power and My People, that I will soon give him a reason to hyperventilate if he does not quit shoving me.  Wonder how he will like a black leather shoulder bag across the head?

The cashier whose mouth had fallen open explains to him that we must first finish my transaction and he will have to wait. This generates his frantic loud wail, “Well we have to get our children, children are being killed all the time. We have to pick them up.” I am now ready to move on as my last bag is in my cart but I do this casually while glaring at him and saying, “Then what the hell are you doing in the store! And Merry Christmas!” The cashier is now smiling and the bag girl has stepped aside covering her mouth and trying to keep from laughing. Meantime, this dope continues his mad hatter imitation, wailing, “Our children, we must get our children!” I take one final look at his wife who must bemany cards short of the full deck too because she appears oblivious. Why the mentally ill are allowed to run loose, and further why are they allowed to reproduce themselves freely? Can you imagine the life progeny of that fool and his spouse have? I saw them in the parking lot as I returned my cart to the cart collection. Hope no one go in their way because he was pedal to the medal out along the busy street!

When I got home and told Jerry he said, “You should have told him, sure I’ll move and you pay for my groceries, jackass!” That would have been fitting too.

Last night, I installed Windows 7 onto our new laptop. Mistake which took from 5:00PM till 10:30 PM. First I had to backup the files, which was time consuming and meant changing discs five times. Then the Windows7 installation and replacing Windows Vista was another long process. Finally I had to download Windows Live because Windows 7 does not have an email application. Now that really did it! I do not like Windows live. I do not like Windows 7. I will uninstall the whole mess and go back to the way it was! Now I sound like Sam I Am who does not like green eggs or ham! Such a waste of time and more annoyance, courtesy of that bazillionaire Bill Gates and Microsoft! Bah!

Today I had some long distance calls to make which is why I have my blackberry. I thought it was odd last night that Pearly was not jingling signaling my receipt of emails from my gmail. But I didn’t think too much about it. Likely no one is emailing, it’s too close to Christmas and most folks are as busy as me! But when I went to make a call, something was not happening. Checking the screen, I notice no connection. Nada, zip, zero, not! How can this be, Pearl had reception in the Red Rock Mountains of Colorado. Well there is a nasty winter storm descending on us, could that affect it? I have to know and Jerry is saying, maybe the server is down. Well, I think how dumb is that, Blackberry always works! I finally use our home phone and call the center in La Crosse. The man tells me that there is a global issue with Blackberry and all the servers are down with no estimated fix time! I mention that I had no email last night and he tells me that this phenomenon occurred between 5:30-6:00PM last night. So nothing to do but wait and at least be thankful that we are not traveling when cell is our only phone service. And then I think it could be far worse, we could be among those who have forfeited their landlines and rely only on cell! This is a very good reason to maintain a home phone. Who would ever have thought this! But wait just a minute! I understand our president, Obsama, spender in chief uses a blackberry. Has he known about this? Is this a way to push more of his agenda? They already control the media and presstitudes of mainstream reporting. What if they are now controlling the air ways….for those who believe he is the antichrist, the Darth Vader, villain of the La Haye, Left Behind Series, maybe. But for now, I will go along, not panic and trust that Blackberry Global outage will soon be restored.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, I don’t think so. Not today, not yesterday either. Enough of this, time for a good glass of wine!