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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Food and sunshine

After a week  on the road, several days at Southaven MS waiting out the icey weather, we are in Bay St. Louis along the gulf shores at the Bay Hideaway RV.  We've logged 1186 RV miles from home,  20 hours and 40 minutes total drive time and put 162 gallons of diesel in the coach for $615. I learned from visiting others that they all track these things too; we RV coachers are a tracking bunch, apparently liking to detail how we spend our $$. 

At last, we are in the balmy 60 degree weather with sunshine, and crisp evenings,  hooray!  While I have been posting onto Facebook, there are different blog readers to catch up.  I have not yet mastered downloading the photos from my tablet or phone to this blog.  Besides Blogger seems to be determined to unfriendly use of Internet Explorere to insert photos, so I will have to use Google Chrome to share photos. 

We are staying at least a week in Bay St Louis, which is a laid back area,  out of the way for busyness which we favor,  but close enough to drive to New Orleans, Slidell, Biloxi and Gulfport. Next week we will visit the Stennis Space center up the road where they tested the operations for the space vehicles before shipping them to Houston and Orlando back when we had a space program.  And we have been invited to a Krewe float making, that will be interesting.

I have met more folks here in a couple days while  walking than I do at home all year, but then I know most of the people at home, and RV'ers, I admit, are a social friendly  group.  Joe seems to be the favored name amongst the men, there are 5 Joes here including the owner, a Cajun type whose name is spelled Jeaux, the others are from MN, SD, and WI.  To a "hey Joe" several men answer; there are also 2 women whose name is Joan, and they might look to answer as well.  How odd is this? 

This area is still recovering from the effects of Katrina and more slowly than the Biloxi area down along the shore. We are set here for at least a week and may stay longer because it is convenient, quiet and peaceful besides there is plenty to see within 30 minutes driving.  We landed here because the RV site in Biloxi was full, but several folks have assured us that we can do no better than right here, urging us to stay.  Today we are off to Gulfport for some minor shopping a few light bulbs for the RV.  Jerry learned from MN Joe to order RV plastic drawer latch hinges from eBay where a box full sells for $6;  those things break so frequently, and cost $3 or so at an RV supply store.  A good tip. 

So wander over to my Facebook page for photos.  We are off soon to pick up something for today's chili cookoff, where Jeaux has designated us as "tasters" being the newest snow birds in the park amidst the snowbirds who return here annually.  One thing I know is the pool is not heated and that is too cool for me,  but then noplace is perfect.