Friday, February 28, 2014

Sepia Saturday 217 Rocks for climbing British Columbia

Unable to find any telescopes amongst  our photo collection I opted for rocks or as follows a mountain of rock.  In July 1985 we drove our camper north from California to British Columbia, Canada and spent a few days at the then two year old Klahanie Recreational Campground, Squamish British Columbia, just across from the breath taking Shannon Falls and very near the Statawamus Chief. It is 45 minutes between Whistler and Vancouver, in a  recreation area that touts breathtaking beauty.  A prime location to campers from all over the has  38 acres of forest and is along the Sea to Sky Corridor.   

 British Columbia is one of Jerry's favorite places in the world having spent time there when he was in the Air Force and so we often drove north to vacation; in fact at one time we considered migrating to British Columbia.  He more than me but we (me more than he) decided to remain in northern California.   The brochure, saved from that trip shows its picturesque majesty.   Digging out these photos gave us a chance to reminisce about that trip for just the two of us and the days we spent there that  week there on our way to Prince George.   I  Googled and  learned that  Klahanie is still operating, today, year round.  In fact today it is a prime base camp for those venturesome folks who wish to climb  the Chief, North America's largest granite monolith on any of its  more than 300 trails.  

Shannon Falls, BC  from our site
Our photos are fading so  I spent  time scanning these.  First from across the road right outside our campsite, this is the Shannon Falls, cascading down the granite peaks.  Looks just like the photo on the brochure and just like it does today almost 30 years later...granite does not easily change and so for many  years before and many more to come it will be just this way in its majesty.  It was warm in July, I know that because I was set for a  hike wearing shorts in this next photo.  There  behind me are the falls and the picturesque Klahanie store and lodge, popular day stop  for picnics then and now with several autos in the lot in front of the falls.  In those days, preditgital cameras and all we did not take so many photos.  I can find none of our short hike, we were not on a mountaineering adventure, just out for a short climb.  

Pat at Klahanie Campground
 Shannon Falls in the background 
This is The Chief  that granite monolith which we did not climb
It is just around from Shannon Falls.
 The three peaks comprise what is called the masiff.
I understand  that Howe Sound is a magnificent view from atop. 

Jerry knew then as now how to relax after a hike.
 Back in the shade at the site
Cold brew alongside
So there is one of our granite adventures to match up with the rocks in the prompt this week.  
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  1. What amazes me is how those trees grow in & tenaciously cling to every little nook, dent, & crevice in that rock! Wild flowers & grasses, too.

  2. Shannon Falls certainly look like they would be worth seeing.

  3. I am drawn to mountains -- not sure why they fascinate me -- maybe because I grew up by the ocean where it's just totally flat. It's easy to see why Jerry would want to live closer to such grand views.

    1. Jerry always has and still prefers mountains to the shore and sea which I prefer...although I think he is becoming fonder of the southern Gulf shores

  4. Just some more fabulous beauty waiting for us! I like this so much more than a telescope!

  5. Looks like another place to add to my 'future trip list'. So many beautiful places in the world!

  6. Looks like a nice spot for camping.

  7. The Shannon Falls and The Chief look spectacular. I've visited Whistler in winter, but haven't seen either of those sights - perhaps Klahanie should be on my to-do list?

  8. You must feel insignificant when near that monolith.

  9. In the posts this week I've looked at little rocks and big rocks but there is only one word for the rocks that you have shown us and that is Majestic. And seeing The Chief it made me realize no-one has written about our mighty Ayres Rock in Central Australia.

  10. I know that one branch of my maternal ancestry ended up in BC. It looks spectacular country. Thanks for sharing your memories.