Friday, January 31, 2014

Sepia Saturday 213 Traveling bags, packed and ready to go

Intrigued by the image, I was certain of what to share this week;  somewhere here carefully placed where I did not look, we have a  vintage straw rattan type small suitcase that could match the prompt.  It belonged to my late Uncle Carl and accompanied him on many auto trips, on the back seat handy to access and packed with snacks, treats, flashlights, compass and a small portable radio and other miscellany.  Whether he went for the day or weeks the rattan case went along making a target for comments from his wife and sisters. He laughed that he did it because it gave the "women something to talk about." 

3 vintage 1940's era suitcases which today hold old
photos and memorabilia
We have a collection of suitcases from vintage to today's lightweights, including most of my 1962 white leather Samsonite set which I received upon high school graduation.  Most are used today for storage, especially those vintage ones from my family that today hold photos and memorabilia...if those bags could talk, what tales they could tell, they are truly Sepians and have traveled miles and miles  around this country and Canada.  

 But since I did not find what I intended I became nostalgic (distracted) looking over a 1990 album with photos from one of our Caribbean cruises.  Here in the cold arctic winter with far excessive  sub zero temperatures, looking through photos of warm seas and warmer climates was a good indoor activity.  

Here we are, dragging some bags  in San Juan Puerto Rico, October of 1990 about to board our ship for the Caribbean cruise marking our 23rd anniversary.  I had written alongside this photo that with connecting flights from California when this photo was taken I had been awake for 27 continuous hours while Jerry had no problem sleeping on the planes or while we were waiting for the connections.  

or in sepias
Our ship Carnival Lines, Festivale
  It was a typical touristy vacation cruise  with multiple routine island stops, St Thomas, St Maarten, Barbados, Aruba along the way.  Today I am not interested in that type of itinerary, nor commercial activity, with crowds all around but 23+years later, I  prefer something a bit more relaxing, sedate,  more Sepian if you will.    But  that was then when I was far more attracted to tourism and shopping which was the first thing I did when we disembarked in St Thomas. 

I noted that this stroller on the main street of St Thomas was
singing a tune and in a happy mood. I loved her and still smille

recalling her joi d'vivre

It didn't take me but a minute or two to lose Jerry who figured
I would be checking out the jewelry counters in one of the many
stores along that street.  Here he is looking for me
He caught me in the act.  I had found just the "perfect" blue topaz
ring set in gold at Sensations Jewelers.  I was sure the price was a great bargain.
"I"ll take it " said I as he caught up.
I have that ring today and still admire the blue topaz stones.  There you are, first few photos  from that voyage.    

"Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go.  But no matter the road is life."        Jack Kerouac

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  1. Topaz is my birthstone, but I had no idea that topaz came in blue or other colors than yellow orange.

  2. oh yes, it is my birthstone too....I have the wonderful citrine but the blue is a great alternative...similar to aquamarine .

  3. It was fun seeing those back then trip photos, Pat. We have never been on a cruise, and (now) have no desire to take one. Glad you bought the topaz ring and now it too holds memories for you. Also liked those antique suitcases and what a good re-purpose to store old photos and memorabilia.
    And, oh my, a white set of luggage!

  4. What a fun trip this was, great photos just brought me there. Especially, as you know too, I am so ready for a less winter season, oh please!

  5. Great memories. I love the Kerouac quote - it's perfect.

  6. Another cruiser! I had really no desire to go on a cruise but this genealogy one tempted me - all those brilliant genealogical minds 'trapped' on the ship for me to ask questions of!
    I can't imagine the snow you are having - out of the realms of imagination for an Aussie.

  7. Yes, there is nothing better than the moment when your suitcase arrives in your cabin and you know your holiday has started. Your photos of the caribbean make me want to go and book another cruise now.

  8. My husband & I love to cruise too! Just thinking about the many great places we'd like to visit makes me want to reach for my suitcase!

  9. I've never been on a cruise. I can see where you and my wife are alike, I would have found her in a jewelry store as well. With regard to suitcases arriving at your destination I've had a few no shows at airports that have led to fraught situations despite them being resolved - eventually.

  10. I'm amazed that you still have all those suitcases, but I know only too well how easy it is to get distracted once we start searching! As for talking suitcases - I think Bob Scotney's actually did!

  11. I love all your old suitcases. What a great place to store your photos, etc.
    I see what you mean about cruises. I've never wanted to take a cruise - and now with all the sicknesses and other problems, I'll stay away from cruising. But yours looked a good time.
    Ladies of the Grove