Monday, July 22, 2013

Now when did that happen

It's summer time and that means I drink gallons of iced tea, frequently a  gallon a day.  This glass jug is my go to beverage container because it has a lid and I can grasp it around the neck and easily  put in into and take it out of the refrigerator.  Except today, I almost dropped it.  When did my grip loosen?  When did the jug begin to feel so heavy?

I notice sometimes my grasp is not as strong as it used to be.  I know the arthritis in my hands and fingers has diminished the time I can spend pruning and clipping and requires a rest after an hour.  It used to be I could clip all morning, not so, now I have to pace myself or suffer protests of swelling and pain. And still despite my restraint some knuckles bigger than before on my right hand, and will not shrink down in size.   I think I have learned to deal with my tingles of "Arthuritis" and work around it.  The primary thing being to keep moving.

Nearly losing this jug caught my attention, besides a mess would have been made, this was a warning and another one of those things that happens when we are not looking.  Right now I am on a health kick because the numbers were not so friendly at my annual medical  exam,  a weight gain which I suspected as with my shorts and capris zippers became a bit tighter, my clohes were shrinking.   And that extra 7 ponds is nothing I need; I certainly am not encouraging my body to befriend another fat cell, I fight that with a vengeance all the time, but as with the jug, it crept up unnoticed while we were traveling and having a good time, living the good life. That drove my  fasting blood sugar up above where it had previously hovered in the mid 90's, another warning indicator.  While some MD's might  figure the numbers were not that high, not  prediabetic my MD is with Mayo and takes my health very seriously.  He cautioned,  "do not let this get ahold of your good health..."  Advice I am taking to heart for my heart and body!  My family genetics include  diabetes which I do not want any part of, so I accepted the warning.  My doctor also advised me to participate in the local YMCA fitness counseling and with his RX I will enroll in that when we return from Alaska in September.  I have already contacted them and learned that  the next session begins September  15 so the counselor agreed,  my timing is right on.  While the program resembles weight watchers, and the series of lectures are likely nothing I don't know, the time is right to hear all about it.  I have a local friend, Sue,  who attends the Y now religiously because she did encounter some  pre diabetic warnings on her physical.  We commisserate because we both are married to men who can and do eat and drink whatever they want and not gain weight.  It's not fair, but I  know too having lived this long that life is not fair.  Nevertheless I intend to get a jump on things.    

I have stepped back on track, literally with my mostly morning walks which I'd been neglecting in the heat.  No more, I began to get out of bed when I first awaken instead of retreating back to sleep.  I am up and out the door before the heat dominates the day, if that is before  7:00AM that's what it has to be.  Now that our weeklong heat wave has broken 8:00AM is soon enough out the door.  It's working because my pants  are looser aleready after  two weeks.  While I am  limiting my  food intake  meticulously I also am logging my walks,  getting in between 45 and 60 minutes a day of pure walking, interspersed with some jogging when I get inspired on the track.  That along with other physical activities including some biking and outside chores, gardening, up and down the hill side and domestic duties like vacuuming, floor mops, etc  are working to my advantage.   

This is what happens when we are not looking, aging, things can sneak up on us unaware.. Well, I'm onto it now...wish me luck on our month in Alaska.  I figure hiking  and walking will help me there too, but I will also have to watch and not partake as much as I might wish.  It will be a challenge, but this doesn't get a chance to steal my health.  Nothing is more important.  I intend to keep up with the longevity genetics that abound in my family.


  1. I watch my sugar intake too, and like plain ice tea, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners and coffee with milk. When I buy food I read the nutrition label and often put food back. Apparently women are supposed to have no more than 35 g of sugar a day so that is what I aim for. And like you said, lots of exercise.

  2. You set such a good example. I usually do a couple 20-30 minute walks a day, but not right now; I have terrible bursitis in my left hip. Went to PT a couple months ago which helped. Well it is back and the PT exercises aren't helping this time. I am having a hard time with stairs. So doc says back to PT. When you leave for AK?

  3. I need to walk more. And it was hard with the heatwave we had. Even my dog didn't want to do anything, lol.

  4. Terra, oh yes, that's me unsweetened and with lemon; I used to go for the raspberry iced teas in restaurants but they are too sweet. I watch the labels too and if sugar is the first or second ingredient I put it back, unless I am buying candy! And that rarely happens. Now it's not at all. Fortunately I am not a big sweets eater. Easy to eat lighter now with the wonderful fresh veggies, fruits and melons.

  5. Watching our health as we age is so very crucial, I agree, Pat. We also have become avid label readers when shopping and try to avoid products with too much or any of those items. Like yourself, also glad that summer time does mean more availability of fresh fruits and veggies. Soon our own peach and pear trees should give us some fruit.