Friday, December 7, 2012

Squirrels three in the tree

While our unseasonably December  with green grass and the good weather holds, inspite of a cold bite to the wind, I like to get outside to walk, breathing in the cold crisp clean smelling  air.  So, Wednesday I walked a couple miles  up town to the post office, library and stopped for a short visit and back home again.   Along the way across 11th street as I  walked up the hill across the ball park,  I heard a  lot of noise like squeaks and creeks.  When I crossed the street I could tell it was coming from this tree, which you can see looks ill, greatly split and gashed as if it needs to be taken down.  I wondered if the tree was preparing to commit suicide and end itself right there in front of me.  I needn't have worried. 

A closer look made me laugh at the trio of squirrels who were inside, standing their ground and yet so loudly warning me to keep away, stay off, do not approach, halt right there!

Fortunately  I had my smart phone along to snap these  shots....if you look you can see the gray trio, two  departing up the  limb and one still inside.  They were so comical as these critters can be,  all atop each other, six beady eyes looking at me  and all chattering in protest, "We told you to stand back!"   This photo surprised me, what was that, look at the y of the  limb that is most right in the photo.  Is that another critter crawling away, a possum or hedgehog, could it be?  Maybe that's why they were so excited, it wasn't me after all..

Go on, study the photo more closely, it is just another limb indeed that has been  taken off or broken, but for a moment I thought I'd captured wildlife in action.  Appearances can be deceiving....we do not always see what we think it is at first glance. 

As I walked along, I created this little rhyme 
Squirrels, squirrels in the tree
Why are you so ticked at me?
I am merely walking by,
I  won't touch your nut supply.  

Squirrels,  three you chatter so,
Do you miss December snow?
Is it odd for you to see
Grass so  green beneath the tree?

Squirrel trio,  do not fret
There will be a winter yet.
Mother Nature will  soon blow
Icy northern air with snow. 

Squirrels up that limb so fast
Do not flee I'm almost past.
Store your nuts and hide them deep
All the winter yours to keep.


  1. Hi Pat, I smiled when reading your squirrel poem, especially when you wrote that snow would soon be coming. I was watching the Weather Channel at the "Y" today and saw that Minnesota had been hit with snow. Did you get a lot as well in your part of the state? We just have rain, fog and rather warm temps for Dec. it was 60 degrees when we awoke today!

    1. PS, I did remove the ability to leave anonymous comments and so far so good...too bad for my friends who do not have URL's but they always email direct anyway, so no loss there. I was so disgusted with those clowns, ususally 3 a day, sometimes more. Now I can move on!

  2. Yes it snowed maybe about 5 inches, not so bad and a lot of melt already...see post from today with photos